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National Response Guarantee Program (NRGP)


Following the outbreak of the Covid19 pandemic in 2020, Qatar kicked off the National Response Guarantee Program (NRGP) to support the private sector by providing companies with the necessary financial support while allocating, through Qatar Development Bank, 100% guarantees to local banks to the tune of 5 billion QR. The program is a guarantee scheme by the government of Qatar to help mitigate the pandemic’s repercussions on private firms and to finance their short-term payments such as staff payroll and rental fees.

QDB has continuously worked on developing and updating the program since its launch, extending the grace period and increasing the financing ceiling for beneficiaries in accordance with the evolving needs of the private sector and the changing dynamics of the local and global economic landscape. The program has proved to be a success, benefitting over 4,200 companies with total guarantees amounting to 3.6 billion QR.

In line with its ongoing efforts to adapt the program to emerging challenges, ensure the financial sustainability of the private sector and reduce the credit burden on companies, QDB is introducing a new amendment offering beneficiaries the opportunity to transfer NRGP facilities from partner banks to QDB (outstanding Principal only). This will allow for flexible financing options (i.e., lower profit rate and affordable repayment terms), which will contribute to facilitating the repayment of existing facilities, improve companies’ cash flows and mitigate an increase in clients’ debt burden as a result of higher lending rates and short repayment terms.

Terms and Conditions

The new NRGP amendment offers customers the option to transfer their outstanding facilities to QDB, setting new terms and conditions for the flexible repayment of loans as outlined in the main financing transfer agreement concluded between QDB and partner banks and upon the request of clients. The new program allows existing NRGP customers to apply to transfer their facilities to the QDB portfolio, according to the outlined conditions, starting from October 10, 2023 – February 10​​, 2024. All transferred credit facilities will be considered as new financing schemes with QDB, resulting in a new repayment period of up to 5 years, including a one-year grace period with a 1% p.a. profit rate.

QDB Facility Transfer Steps

To learn about the necessary steps to transfer the facility to the QDB portfolio, please visit your partner bank.

For more information, please visit FAQs page ​ here.

National Response Guarantee Program Required ​​Documents