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al dhameen


Al-Dhameen is a QDB initiative encouraging banks to offer financing to startups and SMEs that are unable to provide the necessary financing guarantees or collaterals.

Al-Dhameen is a guarantee program, not a direct financing program.

It does not offer direct financing to SMEs. Instead, it issues a letter of guarantee to the financing bank, promising to repay up to 100% of the allocated funds (not exceeding 15 million QR). This allows startup and SME owners to obtain the financing they need from a list of participating banks to launch or grow their business.


  • A single SME can obtain more than one financing through Al-Dhameen, which issues guarantee letters for each financing separately. In this case, the total value of issued guarantees should not exceed 15 million QAR per project.
  • If the Qatari SME has more than one project – two at the most – it can obtain two separate guarantee letters, provided the total amount of the guarantees does not exceed 20 million QR.
  • The Bank shall approve funding above this limit at its discretion. The coverage of the participating bank remains the same throughout the term of the loan, while the level of guarantee provided by QDB declines in conjunction with the repayment of the term loan.
  • Participating banks may grant loans higher than the approved limit, but we must set the guarantee limit, as we see convenient.


  • ​Any Qatari small or medium enterprise or joint venture (including foreign investors) whose annual turnover does not exceed 30 million QAR can apply for finance from banks under the Al-Dhameen program.


  • ​​All main sector business activities are eligible for support under AL-DHAMEEN, except the following sectors: agriculture, fishing and livestock, non-oil mining and quarrying, wholesale and retail, financial, insurance and real estate.


  • Apply directly to one of the participating banks
  • Get the Guarantee Application Form for financing SMEs from the participating bank, or from the QDB program or website
  • Fill in all the required information in the application with copies of all required documents related to the project
  • Submit all previous documents to the participating bank which will study and evaluate the proposal in the light of the applicable criteria
  • If the participating bank agrees to grant you the required funding, the bank will submit these documents to QDB with their approval to grant you the required funding.
  • Partner bank will be asked to provide the securities that are deemed necessary for the program, including CR pledge.The participating bank will be notified of QDB’s approval to issue a letter of guarantee in order to complete the procedures for obtaining the necessary funding.

Note:​The participating bank will consider the application in accordance with its lending policies. QDB guarantees the financing to the participating bank, but the guarantor remains responsible for the full amount of the funding.


  • Project Sponsors – the owner or expat have a degree of experience or know-how in the technicality and nature of the project execution.
  • Market Factors – there is a market attractiveness and relevant need or gap in which the entrepreneur is addressing and can qualify levels of demand.
  • Management Factors – the owners outline a clear plan to assign a team to execute the project at various stages.
  • Credit worthiness – the owners, sponsors and company have maintained their credit integrity.
  • Financial Projections – the company is able to justify a commercially viable project based on existing audited financial performance or a feasibility study.


A company that is applying for a financing from the bank must have the following attributes:

  • The application must be submitted under a Qatari citizen ownership (Qatari ID card)
  • The project to be financed should be among the sectors supported and financed by the Bank
  • The company must have a technical and economic feasibility study of the project
  • The company must have its headquarter in the State of Qatar (for existing and emerging projects)
  • The company must comply with the Qatari law governing commercial companies
  • The company must obtain all licenses required for the project


  • QNB
  • Doha Bank
  • Ahli Bank
  • QIIB
  • QIB
  • Masraf Al Rayan
  • Al Jazeera Finance
  • Dukhan Bank

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