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TADQEEQ offers both: (1) Accounting & Bookkeeping Service, and (2) Annual Audit & Taxation Service, which are provided via specialized local and international firms.

First: Accounting & Bookkeeping:

This service provides an outsourced accountant / accounting firm to help maintain the financial books for a period of one year.​

The service includes: posting financial transactions, introducing best practices, developing the accounting policy manual, developing financial controls, assisting in selecting and implementing the right software, developing inventory control, developing accounting & reporting framework and others.

Why do you need the service?

  • Understand where the funds are going.
  • Improve decision making and improve analysis of your business.
  • Better preparation for audit and avoidance of major repercussions.

Note: This service is offered once for clients.

Second: Annual Audit & Taxation:

This service provides an accounting and audit firm to provide the following: ​

  • Annual Audited Financial Statements including: (a) statement of financial position, (b) statement of comprehensive income, (c) statement of changes in equity, (d) Cash flow statement, (e) Disclosure notes
  • Taxation including: (a) Necessary documentation for taxation, (b) Filling tax returns

Why do you need the service?

  • To insure effective operations of the business.
  • To ensure accountability (managers).
  • To provide reliability (tax authority, financial institutes).
  • To offer assurance (accuracy of information).

Note: This service is offered for a maximum three times for clients.

Who benefits from Tadqeeq?

Qatari startups and SME’s seeking diagnostic assessment and turnaround solutions

Apply today for EYADA and benefit from QDB’s subsidy covering up to 50% of the service cost


Please fill the OSS Form along with the other documents required.​

  • Owners IDs
  • Valid Commercial Registration
  • Last year audited financial statements (if available).
​ ​

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