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oqood (Legal Advisory Services)​​​ ​​​


OQOOD provides you with a package of legal services to establish and run your business based on a sound legal basis.

Who benefits from Oqood?

  • ​Qatari entrepreneurs and owners of startups and SME’s in need of legal advisory services and support in establishing and/ or running their business

Types of OQOOD Services:

  • Legal Consultancy (Free of Charge):

60 minutes of legal consultancy, in which a legal firm / lawyer will be made available to answer your legal enquiries and guide you on the best course of action.

  • Legal Services (Subsidized Services – through financial grant):
    • Review and drafting of contracts (and negotiations when necessary)
    • Company registration and incorporation.
    • Intellectual property registration including patents, trademarks and copyrights.

For more information about these services, kindly download the "Legal Services Brochure". Legal Services Brochure

Why do you need the service?

  • First: Legal Consultancy:
    • To ensure that you are on the right track and abiding by the law.
    • To help you decide what kind of detailed legal support needed to grow your business
  • Second: Legal Services:
    • Ensure proper contract management (and avoiding lawsuits)
    • Develop credibility and strong relationships (with investors, clients, suppliers, etc.)
    • Protect your intellectual property.

Who benefits from OQOOD?

  • Qatari entrepreneurs and Qatari startups and SME’s who need legal advice and guidance for their businesses.

Apply today for OQOOD and benefit from QDB’s subsidy covering up to 50% of the Legal Services cost, and 100% of the legal consultation.

Please fill the OSS Form along with the other documents required.​

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