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business localization​​


This service aims to identify business and investment opportunities from governmental, semi-governmental and private entities and match make the business opportunity to local SME’s.​

Business Localization Department:

The Business Localization Department is primarily responsible for linking SME’s with local buyers and enable them to obtain a share of the local market to ensure their presence and sustainability.

The Business Localization Department seeks to help SME’s overcome obstacles by providing them with a platform for cooperation between with the local market.

Under Business Localization Department there are 3 departments:

Business Opportunity Identification:

The Business Opportunity Identification department serves as a liaison between suppliers and procurers, liaising with governmental procurement entities to identify opportunities and present them to SME’s.

Microenterprise Development Department:

This department aims to develop a national mechanism for the development of micro-businesses, and leads many initiatives, including:

1. Facilitating market access by:

  • Identifying opportunities for microenterprises.
  • Retail opportunities through partnerships.
  • Through various exhibitions and events.

2. ​Financing:

  • By providing profit-free financing to microenterprises.

Value Creation Department:

The Value Creation Department aims to support the development of local SME’s through organizing a variety of events and workshops under the guidance of qualified experts from all over the world; It also aims to support and encourage the local product, through continuous discussions held with representatives of SME’s to identify the challenges facing them.

Business Information Department:

​The Business Information Department harnesses modern technology to get accurate information and thorough analysis of the local market, and then presents all the information, conclusions and analysis to decision makers to ensure accuracy of the information available.


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