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Qatar export development agency ‘TASDEER’ was launched in 2011 to service Qatari exporters of all sizes across sectors and domains, and promote their non-hydrocarbon exports in international markets.

TASDEER provides exporters with a thorough knowledge of world markets and potential opportunities. In addition, the Agency offers exporters full support in promoting their services and products in international markets through a suite of programs and services that include specialized workshops, capacity-building incentives, an Export Readiness program, and access to importers, distributors, and suppliers in more than 65 countries through TASDEER’s Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) membership.


All governmental, semi-governmental and private Qatari exporters are eligible for TASDEER’s support, regardless of their export contracts, the sector they represent, or their turnover.


  1. ​​​. ​Exporter Capability Development Training​​

    Specialized workshops that offer exporters a diverse educational experience to inspire growth and development. Workshops are developed and conducted in collaboration with TASDEER’s professional network of local and international partners.​

  • ​Exporter Development Tools:
      - TRADE SECRETS: The Trade Secrets export guide introduces Qatari enterprises to the export process, and helps them gain a deeper understanding of the procedures and techniques involved, including market entry methods, regulations, quality standards, pricing and financing, transportation, documentation, packaging and labeling, trade agreements, and more.
      The guide also contains contact information on in-country assistance organizations, and a comprehensive listing of publications, tools, and databases available within Qatar.
      If you are looking to develop your export plan with complete confidence, click here to access the Trade Secrets Guide
      This guide was issued in cooperation with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry to provide Qatari exporters with faster and more effective market access to FTA signatory countries, and achieve more growth in those markets by reducing and eliminating trade barriers such as tariffs, taxes, subsidies, and regulations, among others.
      Read more about the Free-Trade Agreement Guide.​​
      TASDEER’s Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) membership grants SMEs access to a massive database of importers, distributors, and suppliers across sectors and industries in more than 65 countries. This helps Qatari enterprises establish manufacturing and trade agreements with potential partners, gain a stronger competitive footing in various markets, as well as reach over 500 million direct consumers.
      To find your next international partner, click here
      An annually updated directory showcasing Qatar’s thriving export capabilities to international stakeholders. The directory serves as a highly effective marketing tool for Qatari exporting companies to enhance their exposure to potential partners in foreign markets.
      Read more about Exporter Directory​​​

  • Go Global – Export Accelerator Program
      A specialized program designed to accelerate the growth of exporters and enhance their reach to international markets through a customized approach. The “Go Global” accelerator program also helps SMEs overcome challenges when engaging in international markets and effectively network with potential clients or affiliated enterprises through:
      - In-depth knowledge of International Markets
      - Formulating an Export Strategy
      - Participating in expert-led training and workshops
      - Identifying business opportunities
      - Retaining potential customers
  • Export Market Research ​
      - Market Studies: Enabling the exporting community to penetrate identified targeted markets by conducting market studies on a set of potential products and services
      - Product Reports: Product reports help SMEs to gain a better understanding of a specific product within an industry. The overall product performance and benchmarks in certain locations are further assessed.



As an essential platform to access foreign markets, international exhibitions and fairs help SMEs expand their network of potential partners and explore new growth opportunities. TASDEER facilitates Qatari exporters’ participation in high-profile exhibitions and events in target markets under the umbrella of the “Qatar Pavilion”.


Export Matchmaking enables SMEs to identify pre-qualified buyers, importers, and distributors in the targeted country. Through this program, Qatari SMEs have the opportunity to attend bilateral meetings and visit target markets to explore the right opportunities for their unique business goals and advance their expansion plans. The service focuses on the following areas:
Contact list:​ a pre-qualified contact list based on the synergies of your enterprise and potential partners in target markets.
International Buyer Search:​ Search through a pre-qualified list of buyers, partners, and agents that are interested in your product or service
Personalized business Matchmaking:​ Visit international markets to attend a pre-scheduled appointment to establish new and rewarding business relations oversees ​


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