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Minha Product Certification


Minha would cover the cost of product certification which generally includes (but not limited to) following components

  • Laboratory Testing Fees: Laboratory testing of the product involves determining if the product complies with the requisite standards and regulations
  • Project Fees: It usually covers cost of audit, witnessing one test and creating one certification file
  • Certification Fees: It is the annual fees required to remain certified by the service provider

Objective of the Service:

The objective of this service is to provide grants to Qatari manufacturers to get their products certified by recognized service providers that would confirm that the products meet requisite standards as required by their end customers.

This offering would cater to the needs of Qatari manufacturers for certifications requirements for exports as well as for domestic markets.

Eligibility Criteria:

Qatari SMEs and Start-ups (as per QDB definition of SMEs) with at least 50% Qatari ownerships and operating in QDB mandated sectors whose activities are in compliance with Sharia.


For each product certification, minha would cover up to 50% of the total costs not exceeding QAR 21,000/- per certificate.

Multiple minha for different product certificates can be granted per CR per year, subject to maximum minha value of QAR 200,000/- per CR.