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Brief About The Product

Qatar Exchange Venture Market (QEVM) Listing cost finance product is a joint initiative between Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE) and QDB to assist potential companies that would like to be listed as Public Joint Stock Company.

The initiative aims to support SMEs that meet the minimum listing criteria and fulfill the relevant regulatory requirements. This listing will help provide new financing opportunities for entrepreneurs, ensuring diversification of financing sources and enhancing the provision of an optimal alternative to traditional financing programs.

As part of the assistance, QDB shall fund the cost of listing advisory fees for Qatari companies. Companies listed on the QEVM will have the same regulatory safeguards afforded to QSE listed in the main market.​

Product Services

  • QDB will fund the cost of listing advisory fees for Qatari companies aiming to qualify for listing on the Qatar Stock Exchange.


Application and Screening


Pre-Qualification for Listing and Financing


Financing approval

Potential listing clients will submit an application with supporting documents to QSE for initial screening which will then be forwarded to the Joint Steering Committee (JSC), comprising of representatives from QDB and QSE for

  • Evaluation to ensure completeness and compliance with QSE requirements.
  • QDB to check the financial requirements of the client.

Upon verification of all the documents, including the complete cost of the listing advisor, QDB will pre-qualify the clients for financing with an approval that is subject to QDB’s internal policies.

Main Benefits

  • Attractive pricing depending upon the sector.
  • Flexible financing repayment and extended grace periods depending upon the listing result.
  • Shariah-compliant financing.
  • Up to 70% of listing advisory fee or QAR 4.6 Million in financing, whichever is lower.

Who benefits from QEVM Listing Cost Financing?

Qatar-based SMEs and especially those seeking alternative methods to raise financing or funding.

Required Documents

  • For financing, a complete listing fee quotation from the Listing Advisor/s.
  • Valid license of the Listing Advisor/s.
  • Valid CR of the company.
  • Availability of Audited Financial Statements for 3 years if available.
  • Engagement Letter for Listing / IPO Readiness report from Qatar Stock Exchange (QSE).
  • QDB’s Banking Master Agreement.
  • Other Collaterals and/or security documents as required.

To begin the application process for the finance product on the Qatar Stock Exchange website